Brain Training Programs Will Help with Test-Taking

While LearningRx’s brain training programs are designed to help with cognitive improvement, they are also effective at helping students be better test takers. The programs that you will offer at your franchise location will provide┬ámore than traditional tutoring and information retention, but you’ll still have students that come in wanting to do better on tests. They may have no difficulty with weekly assignments and homework, but when test time comes, they seem to forget all they know about the subject matter.

Cramming for tests is a method used by many college students around the country, but LearningRx wants to help people improve their functional memory and enhance their reasoning skills that seem to disappear when a test is placed in front of them. Recalling facts and numbers is one thing, but understanding how they fit together and applying them to the problem on the paper is another. Our brain training programs work to boost focus and increase working memory, so students won’t feel so anxious when it’s time to take a test. They’ll know the subject matter in and out, and their processing speed will allow them to finish the test more quickly and more accurately.

If you’re interested in brain training or our franchise opportunities, please contact us today. We’ll explain the benefits of all our cognitive programs, and how you can help students in your community be better test takers and more successful overall in the classroom. We look forward to speaking with you in the near future!