Brain Training Should Be Fun!

At LearningRx, we believe brain training should be fun, and have striven to remove the stigma of tedium and routine that can surround traditional tutoring centers. Students who are facing an hour or two of fact learning and repetition have every right to feel bored! We want to help every one of our franchisees create a location that students of all ages look forward to visiting, and where brain training programs integrate fun and progress with every session.

Positive One-on-One Training

Another shortcoming of traditional academic tutoring that we want to avoid is the lack of one-on-one interaction. Many tutors work individually with students, but there are those that take part in a group learning session, and they’re unable to ask the questions they want to or get the answers they need because others in the group take the majority of the time. This can also be true in the student’s classroom, where the teacher only has enough time to work with a few students on a daily basis. With our one-on-one format, the student will sit across the table from their own brain trainer and engage in fun and intense cognitive activities.

Our mission is to help students everywhere improve their cognitive skills and build more confidence in their ability to complete assignments and solve problems. We believe that learning should be fun, no matter the setting or format, and that’s why we’ve worked hard to create brain training programs that are entertaining and effective. Contact us today to learn how you can begin our franchise process.