Discover Your New Career as a Brain Trainer

Starting a new job can be scary enough, but beginning a new career path can be simply overwhelming. If you’re looking for a change, or you’ve recently graduated and want to start your post-college career, brain training could be a good choice for you. If your previous position was as an educator or administrator, then you will have the experience necessary to work with students and facilitate programs that can help them succeed in the classroom. If you worked in another field, such as sales or marketing, then you will understand how to engage with people and get them interested in what your learning center has to offer. Regardless of your experience, you can take your skill set and turn it into a successful career as a brain training franchisee.

Our Franchise Webinars

braintraincareer_blogintextimage2If you’re currently working and don’t have the time to hit the pavement to look for a new career, your search will most likely be done online. You may search job and career postings on various boards and forums, but with so many applicants attempting to land one perfect job, your chances of success can be minimal. At LearningRx, we offer franchise webinars throughout the course of the calendar year, and we’re always looking to meet people from all parts of the country. Your location could be in need of a brain training center, and if there isn’t currently a LearningRx franchise in your town or city, we encourage you to sign up for one of our upcoming webinars.

braintraincareer_blogintextimageOur next franchise webinar is on Wednesday, February 8th at 3:00pm Mountain Time, and the session should last approximately an hour. If you’re unable to make that time work, the next webinar will be Wednesday, March 15th at 9:00am Mountain Time. Once you’ve submitted your name and email address, our webinar organizer will contact you with more details. If the webinar piques your interest, we would love to speak further with you and explain how you can pursue a career as a brain trainer. Once you’ve completed the initial franchisee phases, we’ll discuss with you what our “Discovery Day” entails and how you will work with our Territory and Support teams.

If you’re looking for a career that can truly change the lives of students of all ages, brain training could be the perfect choice. Our franchise satisfaction rate is one of the highest in the nation, and our Home Office strives to support each franchisee and provide the tools they need, while treating everyone with integrity, honesty, and compassion. We love seeing people bring their skills and knowledge to bear in their new career, and seeing the success that they, their employees, and the students enjoy in a both the short term and long term.

To get started on your franchise journey, sign up for one of our upcoming webinars, or fill out our contact form to receive a free information kit. We’re always happy to answer any questions you have about brain training programs, our franchise model, or anything else pertaining to our organization.