Don’t Become Complacent in Your Career

Routines can be a good thing, and they can help us get things done when they need to be. However, a rut is different than a routine, and if you’ve become stuck in a rut in your career, or feel that you’ve become complacent with the job you currently have, why not take on a new challenge? At LearningRx, we’ve met potential franchisees from all walks of life who have all types of experience, and every one of them who has completed our franchise process has gone on to find success with his or her┬ábrain training center.

Chief Marketing Officers, Teachers, and Project Managers

Every person who contacts us about starting a brain training franchise brings a unique perspective to their career change. They may have been completely content with their job as a chief marketing officer, teacher, or project manager, but it was the lack of challenges or anything exciting that brought them to our door. With locations all across the country, our franchisees encounter students who come from different backgrounds and who have unique cognitive obstacles to overcome. With your experience and skill set, you can offer not only brain training programs, but also guidance and instruction to your clients and staff that stems from your previous career.

If you’re feeling unmotivated in your current career, or you’re ready for something new and exciting, contact LearningRx and find out more about our programs, franchise structure, and territory information. We would love to speak with you about a new career option, and what brain training can mean for your future.