Education Franchises & Early Childhood Development

As many studies show us, early childhood education can not only set a foundation and course for a child’s academic success, but it can also reduce incidences of crime and delinquency later in life. Investing in an education franchise through The Learning Rx not only provides an ideal situation for anyone who wants to be their own boss, but also provides an excellent investment for those who want to help children get off on the right foot. Children who are enrolled in early childhood education programs and brain training programs have also shown to receive direct benefits in behavior, socialization, thought processes, and learning capacity!

How can it help? Early education and brain training programs like the ones we offer through our education franchises increases children’s cognitive skills. This means better reading comprehensive, math skills, improved memory, and more brain power just to name a few. In fact, The Learning Rx provides children in otherwise under-served communities a chance to show more cognitive improvement than their peers who did not attend early education and preschool.

What can improved cognitive skills do for children? Most importantly, improved cognitive skills leads to improved academic results. We find that children who are enrolled in preschool perform better in math and reading when they enter high grades and they’re less likely to be held back in school. Plus, children who attend early childhood education┬áhave a decreased likelihood of being enrolled in special education remedial programs.

An investment in an education franchise is not only an investment in today’s youth and tomorrow’s future, but also a rewarding investment for you.