Encourage Students to Try Brain Training

As a parent or teacher, you take notice when your child or a student in your class is having trouble completing assignments or participating in group activities. You’ve done your best to encourage them and help them however you can, but you still haven’t seen positive gains in their studies or assignments. At LearningRx, we want parents and teachers to play a role in improving a student’s cognitive skills, and that can include bringing them to one of our education franchise locations for brain training programs.

We know that some students will be hesitant and shy when they first come to your franchise location, and by speaking with their parents, you can find out what will helpĀ the child feel at ease. It’s a new experience and those can be intimidating, but you’ll soon learn how to handle all personality types, from those that react with silence and shyness, and those that seem boisterous and excited. Each student requires a unique approach, and that’s where our one-on-one methodĀ proves extremely effective. Before long, every parent and teacher will see amazing improvements in their student’s cognitive skills.

If you would like to give parents and teachers access to brain training programs that will help their children and students overcome challenges in the classroom, please contact us right away. We’ll provide information on starting your own education franchise, and how it will benefit your community. Friends, neighbors, and educators will soon learn that your LearningRx location is a positive and encouraging place that gives students access to greater success in school and in life.