Enhanced Reading Comprehension Through Brain Training

Reading is something that thousands of people do each and every day, even if it’s just scanning the headlines on their latest internet news feed. For children, reading comprehension is a skill that will serve them for their entire life, and if they struggle with it, it’s very easy for frustration to set in and for the child to become discouraged. They may start disliking to read and their academic career can suffer, since reading is an integral part of every class and subject. With brain training programs through a LearningRx franchise, children can achieve enhanced reading comprehension and keep up with their schoolwork.

Traditional tutoring services offer reading improvement training, but unless the focus is the underlying cause of why a child is struggling, the improvement may be temporary. A child may read perfectly in a tutoring session, but in the classroom environment, where they’re reading out loud or having to follow along, they could still have trouble. By focusing on the cognitive issue that supports reading comprehension, LearningRx can help a student improve their reading level by nearly three years in approximately six months. Obviously, results will vary based on the individual student, but our brain training can give them the foundation they need to continually improve their reading skills.

We want to help students understand and appreciate what they read so that when they’re reading in school, they can fully comprehend the information, and when they’re reading for pleasure, their love for reading will grow. If you’re interested in helping the children in your community improve their reading skills, contact us today to learn more about our brain training programs and franchises.