Finding Brain Trainers for Your Franchise

Once your LearningRx location is up and running, it’s important to find brain trainers who will actively engage with students in fun and positive ways. As the franchisee, it’s important to find people you can trust, and those you know will help students succeed, not only at brain training, but in reaching their goals and realizing their dreams. When you put out the call for trainers, you will most likely get responses from former tutors and current teachers, as well as business executives and entrepreneurs. Each person will bring a different skill set to your location, but there are things to look for that will make an ideal brain trainer.

Aspects to Look For in Your Brain Trainers

A driven and intelligent person can make a good brain trainer, but it’s also important to find those who are positive and have a desire to help others. A person may have been the top of their class in both high school and college, but if he or she is unable to engage with students, his or her training may not be as fun or effective. It’s also important for trainers to be patient and empathetic, since they will be working with students who are working on overcoming learning difficulties and the frustration those difficulties can produce.

If you’re interested in brain training and building a strong team that can guide students to greater academic success, contact us right away. We’ll give you the tools and support you need to build a successful LearningRx center, and promote real change in your community.