Have Parents Asked You About Tutoring Services?

If you were an educator for many years and have now retired or moved on to another profession, you may have had parents ask you to provide tutoring services for their children. While tutoring can be effective for tests and certain assignments, LearningRx has found that brain training programs that teach students how to learn better and access information faster are even more effective. If you’ve enjoyed tutoring your friends’ children, but want to offer something more, contact us to learn more about education franchise opportunities.

Not every town and city has a dedicated tutoring or learning center, and opening a brain training location could be exactly what the area needs. Our team will help you decide where the best spot for your LearningRx center will be, and what demographics you will serve once the doors are open. Instead of working with just a few students, you and your staff will be able to interact on a one-on-one basis with several students, all who will be able to find success in every subject they take. Whether it’s computational skills for math class or reading comprehension for English, brain training programs can improve their cognitive power and make them better students.

If you’ve enjoyed tutoring but are looking for that next challenge, give us a call today. We’ll explain every detail of our brain training programs, and whether or not an education franchise makes sense for you. We’re always excited to meet people that have a passion for teaching, and want to make an impact on the next generation of students.