Help Students Prepare for Graduate School

For many students, getting their college degree is one of the pinnacle achievements of their lives. It’s the culmination of at least four years of hard work and dedication, and it is something to be celebrated. However, there are those who want to build off that degree and pursue a Master’s or Doctorate in a certain field. While there’s nothing wrong with taking one’s undergraduate degree and pursuing a career with it, some students decide that they want to work toward a higher degree in their particular field. At LearningRx, our brain training programs are designed to help students of all ages and levels, and as a franchisee, you could be uniquely positioned to help those who have a goal of going to graduate school.

Preparing for the GRE

The Graduate Record Examinations, or GRE, is one of the most widely taken tests, and also one of the most difficult. Nearly every college or university in the United States that offers graduate degrees requires students to take the GRE in order to even be considered for a particular program. Students spend months upon months preparing for this test, and studying for it can take quite a bit of time out of their normal lives. As a LearningRx franchisee, you’ll be poised not only to help them be more studious, but help them become better learners who have improved focus and memory skills.

Pursuing a Higher Degree

Once they’ve taken the GRE and been accepted into their program of choice, the real work begins. If they’re pursuing a degree in science or medicine, there are several more years of classwork, lab work, and field research ahead of them. Improved cognitive skills in areas such as attention and processing speed can help them as they learn new things, discover new formulas, and work with their classmates on difficult assignments. The goal of our brain training programs is to make students better both in and out of the classroom, boosting their problem solving skills and their confidence, no matter where they find themselves.

Getting Started on Your Franchise Opportunity

If you’re interested by the idea of helping students prepare for graduate school, we’d love to talk to you about our educational franchise opportunities. We have learning centers all across the country, and we can help you decide if it makes sense to open one in your community. If you have several colleges and universities in your area, the chances are good that you’ll have recent graduates who are interested in pursuing a higher degree.

Contact us today to learn more about our programs, our system, and what drives us to help students of all ages. You can fill out the form below to have more information sent to you, or you can call us at (719) 955-6708 to speak with a member of our team. We’ve worked with people from all types of backgrounds, and we’d love to speak with you about your passion for helping students achieve their academic and life goals.

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