Help Students Work With Their Peers

When a student comes to a LearningRx center for brain training, they’re often feeling shy and unconfident due to a lack of progress inside the classroom. That shyness and lack of confidence can be even more apparent when they’re working with their peers on an assignment or project. If they have to meet with others after school to work together on something, the student may feel like they have nothing to contribute due to a lack of understanding of the subject matter. As a brain training franchisee, you can help students find the confidence they need to work with their classmates on any type of project!

Recalling Instructions

One of the cognitive skills that our programs work to improve is memory. When a student is working on a project with classmates, they need to be able to recall the instructions that the teacher gave during class. They may have written them down, but if they having trouble with attention or auditory processing, they may not have been able to take good notes regarding the instructions. Attention and auditory processing are two other cognitive skills that are key to success both inside and outside the classroom, and as a student gets better in these areas, they’ll be able to recall instructions and remember the steps necessary to complete their class project.

Reading Comprehension

Reading can be a challenge for many students, and if they’re having trouble with certain words, or they don’t understand what they’ve read, they may be hesitant to contribute in a group setting. On top of the social pressure to interact while working on a group project, the student may not feel like talking due to an incident in class when they misspelled or misread a word. Through our programs, students can improve their spelling and reading comprehension, which can boost their confidence when working in a small group both inside and outside the classroom.

Leadership Skills

No matter what grade they’re in, there are always those students who emerge as leaders due to certain attributes. They may be naturally outgoing, or they may be particularly well-versed in a certain subject. For those who are less apt to speak up or lead a discussion, brain training can help them feel more confident in group settings. If they’re sitting with their peers and no one is taking the lead on the project, the student may feel like they can take charge and steer the assignment in the right direction. Their grasp of the subject matter or their ability to understand the instructions can help feel more fearless and more prepared.

Small group projects are often a part of a child’s education, and it’s important for them to be able to interact with their peers. If you’re interested in helping students improve their cognitive skills and gain more confidence both inside and outside the classroom, then contact LearningRx today. We love meeting people and discovering their drive for helping students of all ages succeed.

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