Helping Children from All Backgrounds

Every child that comes to a LearningRx brain training center has a unique story, and comes from a unique set of circumstances. With locations all across the country, our learning centers have helped children of all backgrounds, and when you open your franchise, you’ll experience the same diversity and success that others have seen. There’s no one reason that a student struggles in the classroom, and no one demographic or social class that can have trouble in school. Our approach to brain training is the same – to find out what cognitive skills need improvement and create a unique plan to work on those skills.

When you contact us about becoming a franchisee, we’ll look at the opportunities in your community where you can help students improve their processing speed, reading comprehension, and more. We’ll look at the schools in the area, achievement scores for the past few years, and what your majority demographic will be. Our franchise territory team will help you develop the best approach for picking a physical location, and what you can expect in terms of interested parents and students in your first few weeks of operation.

Opening a brain training franchise is not just a life-changing business opportunity, it’s also an opportunity to change the lives of students from all backgrounds. With our one-on-one methods, each brain trainer will build a positive relationship with the student, and the student will begin to see that their tutor is invested in them and their success in the classroom. Call us today to get started!