Helping New Kids Adjust to a New School

If you were ever a new kid at a new school, then you know how challenging it can be to adjust to your new surroundings. Children who move to a new town before school starts for the year face plenty of obstacles once the semester begins, but what about those who move during the school year? Perhaps mom or dad changed jobs, and the child had to leave their old school behind in the middle of the semester. At LearningRx, our education franchises work with students of all ages and backgrounds, including those who are starting at a new school in March or November, rather than August or January.

Getting Used to New Curriculum

If a child moved from another state, then there’s a fairly good chance that the curriculum in their new school is much different from that of their old institution. This can present a unique challenge for many students, since they may know some of the material, but are completely lost on other subjects. The curriculum may also be taught in a different way than they’re used to, and this can often create frustration and disappointment. They have to play catch-up just to be where the rest of the class is, and they may have a teacher who expects them to participate in group activities with their peers, as well as take any quizzes or tests that are on the schedule. If a child is unsure about a topic, or unfamiliar with a subject, they can feel even further behind than they did on their first day of class.

Restoring Confidence

Perhaps the child was working one-on-one with a tutor at their previous school, and their parents want them to continue with a similar program. The child may have had increasing confidence before they moved, but now that they’re in a new classroom and a new environment, that confidence has waned. Our brain training programs are designed to help students improve cognitive skills such as memory and attention, which can help them both inside and outside the classroom. As they work with their brain trainer, they will hopefully have their confidence restored, which will hopefully lead to better participation in class, as well as better understanding of the curriculum.

Understanding the Child’s Needs

As a brain training franchisee, you’re going to meet students and parents who have lived in your community for years, as well as those who have just moved to town. It’s important to speak with the parents to understand the child’s needs, especially with those who are starting at a new school in the middle of a semester. The period of adjustment can be tough for many students, and you can be a part of helping them adapt. The routine of working with a brain trainer can give them a semblance of stability, and they’ll know that your learning center is a safe and positive place.

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