Helping Students Who Are Applying to Colleges

Summer break is almost here, but for high school juniors, it can often mean the beginning of college application season. Some students may have already taken the SAT or ACT and applied to a few schools, but their parents may be planning on taking them to a few universities over the summer. Most colleges around the country have summer terms, so high school students can see classes in session and get somewhat of a feel for what college life is like. They can also meet with professors and ask questions about the field of study they’re interested in, and see whether or not they feel comfortable on campus.

However, the one thing that’s more important than perhaps even the college visit is the entrance exam or essay. Schools want to know what students are interested in, what subjects they excel at, and if they have the skills to succeed at an institution of higher learning. For those students who struggle in certain areas or who have trouble writing essays, brain training could be the key to helping them get into the school they want to. As a franchisee, you can work with students who are applying to colleges this summer and put them on the track to success.

Reducing Stress Levels

Taking college entrance exams and completing essays for scholarships can be very stressful, and if a student has the added pressure of his or her parents wanting them to get into a certain school, he or she may not be able to do their best. Through brain training and working one-on-one with a LearningRx staff member, a student can improve their cognitive skills and boost their confidence going into their exam. What’s great about our programs is that they’re not designed to make students better writer or test-takers – they’re designed to make students better learners and help them apply their skills to every situation they encounter.

Finishing High School Strong

Since a junior has one more year of high school left, it’s important they’re also focused on finishing strong. They’ve been waiting for three years to be a senior, and even if they get into the college or university they want, it’s important for them to maintain their grades during their final year. The classes they take and excel in could potentially change their ideas about what they want to study in college, and they may discover they have a natural inclination or ability in a certain subject. Teachers often also expect more of a senior, and they want to prepare these students for what lies ahead in college.

A junior entering his or her senior year may also want to take some Advanced Placement (AP) classes so that he or she can opt out of certain general education requirements in college. Whether it’s a foreign language or a writing class, AP courses can give students a taste of what college is like, and potentially help them start on their major sooner rather than later. While their classmates are working through Statistics and freshman-level Spanish, the prepared student will be starting on the courses he or she wants to take.

When you open a LearningRx franchise in your community, you’ll have the ability to help students of all ages. High school students who are applying to colleges are approaching a very important time in their lives, and if they don’t have the skills or confidence to work towards getting into the schools they want to, you can provide them with both.

To learn more about starting a brain training center, please contact us today. We’d love to speak with you and help you discover how you can help students!

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