Improve IQ with Our Brain Training Programs

Every person has a different intelligence quotient (IQ), and the largest percentage of the population falls between 70 and 130, with 100 being the average, or mean. If a person has an IQ over 110, they are considered to have “superior intelligence,” and geniuses will have an IQ of 140 and above. At LearningRx, we’ve conducted research to see what the IQ gain is for students who go through our brain training programs. When you open your franchise location, you’ll be able to help others improve their IQ.

From 2011-2012, we compiled the scores of nearly 6,000 clients who each underwent an average of 90 hours of brain training to improve logic & reasoning, memory, and other cognitive skills. The results from those scores showed that the mean gain of IQ points was 14.6, meaning that someone who had an IQ of 95 before cognitive training could now have a score of 109 to 110. Improved cognitive skills not only improve a person’s intelligence quotient, they also boost his or her confidence in the classroom or the workplace. We’ve conducted numerous other studies that measure the effects of our programs, and we will gladly share them with any potential franchisee.

If you’re thinking about a new career path where you can help people unlock greater cognitive potential, please contact us right away. With our brain training programs, you can help people improve their IQ, access their memory faster, and process things more quickly. People of all ages can benefit from our programs, and experience more success in work, school, and in life.