Improve Your Computational Skills with Our Brain Training Programs

Students that exhibit difficulty with mathematical concepts often can feel lost when a classmate finishes an assignment or answers a question faster than they do. While the child may understand the basic concepts, they might have weaker computational skills or have trouble making connections across assignments. Missing an addition or subtraction sign, or incorrectly carrying numbers will lead to incorrect answers, since one small error will lead them down the wrong mathematical path. Brain training programs from LearningRx are designed to improve these skills and increase calculation speed.

Science and math can be the most challenging for some students, while others easily grasp and understand the ideas and concepts. Our programs are more than memorization and calculation exercises; instead, we focus on attention and reasoning skills that help students see every sign and aspect of a mathematical problem. The small errors that lead to incorrect answers will no longer occur, and they’ll notice every detail of a word or numerical problem. If the terminology associated with math is the root issue, we can also work with the student on language skills and reading comprehension. If you don’t know what a word means, how can you possibly hope to apply it to your math homework?

LearningRx has helped countless students of all ages better understand mathematical concepts. When you open a franchise location and begin offering our brain training programs, you’ll see the same success that we have, and begin to see why our platform is so effective at aiding students who thought math would always be difficult for them.