Instill Positive Study Habits

For some students, studying for a test or a quiz is second nature. They can read the textbook or look over a handout, learn the information, and recall it during the exam. However, some students struggle with studying, either because they can’t focus long enough to truly glean the important information or they can’t recall the necessary information once test time arrives. At LearningRx, our franchises are focused on helping students become better learners through brain training, and while that can help them become better studiers, the focus is put on unlocking greater cognitive potential. In this post, we’ll look at some ways that you, as a franchisee, can help instill positive study habits.

Make Studying Fun

No student is ever overly thrilled about the idea of sitting at his or her desk for hours on end, reading a textbook or studying flashcards. However, there are some ways to make studying more fun. If the student is a visual learner, encourage him or her to draw pictures on the flashcards to help place the info into his or her memory. Names and dates may be hard to remember, but visual cues can be a great boost to learning new information. The student can recall the visuals during the test, and hopefully improve his or her chances for success!

Read Out Loud

Some students can read a book and immediately recall a fact or a scene from the text. Others have to go over a line several times just to get the important information out of it. If you have a student who likes to highlight certain passages, encourage him or her to try reading the text out loud. It can be a piece of literature or a science textbook, and reading out loud will engage both the eyes and the ears. This means that both the visual and auditory centers of the brain are working to add new information.

Take Creative Breaks

A student who loves to study may spend hours with his or her books, never taking a break. However, the majority of students need to take a break every so often so that the brain doesn’t get overwhelmed. Taking creative breaks every hour or so can help keep the brain from feeling overworked, and it can make the studying session more enjoyable. For example, if a student studies his or her Social Studies text for an hour, they can take 15 minutes to play video games or surf the web. Encourage student to make a schedule and stick to it, so that they don’t get distracted by their breaks, but they also don’t get frustrated from studying for three hours straight.

There are several other habits that can make studying more fun for students of all ages. At LearningRx, our goal is to make students better learners by unlocking cognitive skills and helping them improve undeveloped abilities. Above all, we want students to feel more confident about learning, and not worry about those tests and quizzes that are waiting for them in the future.

If you’re interested in becoming a brain training franchisee, please contact us today. We have locations all across the country, and we would love to speak with you about the possibility of opening a learning center in your community. We’ve worked with people from all types of backgrounds, and we love nothing more than hearing about a person’s passion for helping students. You might be looking for a career change, or you may be interested in opening a LearningRx location and creating a secondary income, but whatever the case may be, we look forward to meeting you!

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