Invest in the Next Generation

dreamstime_xxl_60958499At LearningRx, we love hearing success stories of students who have had their lives transformed through our one-on-one brain training programs. As a franchisee, you are truly making an investment in the next generation, and the student you help today could be a business owner or entrepreneur ten years from now. Every student has different aspirations, and if they struggle in school or have a hard time completing assignments at home, they might feel like their dreams are unattainable and not worthwhile.

Giving Students a Solid Foundation

Students who are unable to focus in class, or have difficulty remembering instructions can feel like they’re constantly struggling to keep up, and that their classmates are passing them by while they stand still. The academic and social impacts of those situations can have far-reaching effects on a student’s life, and a failure in 6th grade can lead to a lack of confidence when it comes time to apply for college or look for a job. By giving students a solid foundation through cognitive skill improvement, you can equip them for a lifetime of success where they’re willing to take risks because they know there can be a reward.

If you’re interested in brain training, or simply want to know more about the LearningRx business model, please contact us right away. We’re always on the lookout for new franchisees and interested persons who want to help students become the leaders of the future. To hear from some of our current franchisees, check out our Testimonials and Recent News pages!

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