Marketing Your Brain Training Franchise

dreamstime_xxl_16007314When you become a LearningRx franchisee, there are many exciting things that will happen in a short amount of time. You’ll have the grand opening of your learning center, you’ll welcome your first students who are interested in brain training, and you’ll begin to make an impact in your community. Unfortunately, after the “newness” of your franchise has worn off, the need for more marketing will arise. Our support team will do everything we can to help you market, but here are some good ideas to help you reach more parents and students in your community.

Have an Open House

This will be different from your grand opening event, and holding monthly or bi-monthly open houses is a great way for people to come in, see your facility, and learn more about the brain training programs you offer.

Attend Learning Fairs

Area schools may hold occasional learning fairs, where tutors and other academic programs come in and talk to teachers, parents, and students about their approach. These fairs are great places to interact with people and show them how effective LearningRx can be.

Take Part in Community Events

If your town or city has an annual parade or celebration, consider setting up a booth or marching in the parade with a banner. We can help you with the details and help you formulate a great approach. Others in the community will see that you’re invested beyond the four walls of your learning center.

If you’re interested in becoming a LearningRx franchisee, please contact us right away!

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