More Than Academic Tutoring for College Students

dreamstime_xxl_43641391We wrote previously about how brain training programs can help high school students achieve greater success in the classroom and get into the college of their choice, but what happens once they’re in college? As freshmen, they’re often overwhelmed with their course load and the amount of work it truly takes to be successful in college. The great thing about LearningRx is that we have franchises all across the country, so no matter where they go, they will hopefully be able to find a brain training center! As a new franchisee, you’ll be able to offer college students more than just academic tutoring.

Deciding on a Major

One of the biggest decisions a college student can make is deciding on a major. They may come into their freshman year with a fairly good idea of what area they want to major in, or they may have absolutely no clue what field will be best. With regular brain training, they can improve in classes such as mathematics or science, where perhaps they had trouble in high school, and who knows – they could even end up majoring in one of those fields!

The great thing about brain training is that it isn’t biased in regards to age or experience. A college student can see just as much improvement as a middle school student, as they concentration is on developing stronger cognitive skills, not just retaining facts. Every university has tutoring programs that may help a student remember facts or study for a mid-term exam, but LearningRx exists to build better learners and help students of all ages achieve greater success. Contact us today to learn more!

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