Moving from Tutoring to Brain Training

If you’ve previously worked as a tutor, then you could be uniquely positioned to succeed as a brain training franchisee. At LearningRx, we believe that every student should have a chance to improve their cognitive skills, and if you’ve tutored before, then you know that each child is different and requires a different approach. Our brain training programs are different from traditional academic tutoring programs in that instead of focusing on fact retention and learning a specific subject, we focus on making the brain work better and more efficiently. Recalling facts for a test can be beneficial, but improving memory, attention, and other cognitive skills can be even better.

A One-on-One Approach

Many tutoring programs and after-school education organizations have one instructor for multiple students, requiring the teacher or tutor to split their time between each child. Other programs offer one-on-one interaction between the tutor and student, but it’s often focused on one subject and only occurs a few times a week. With brain training, the goal is to improve all types of skills, including processing speed, short-term memory, logic and reasoning, and more. As a franchisee, you’ll help students use more of their brainpower, rather than storing away information for a test or assignment that may be forgotten later.

Fixing the Cause Instead of the Symptoms

When you worked as a tutor, you may have met with students who were struggling in a certain area or had to meet with you because they didn’t do so well on a test. They may not have been the most thrilled to have to stay after school to go over a subject that frustrates them. With brain training, you’ll be helping students work on why they didn’t learn the content in the first place, rather than rehashing problems and questions that thwarted them the first time. Targeting improved brainpower can fix the cause of the problem, instead of focusing on the symptoms such as poor test scores and low grades.

Finding Common Ground

As a tutor, you understood that students may not have wanted to be there, and perhaps there were times when you didn’t want to be either. WIth any student/instructor interaction, it’s important to find common ground and build a positive relationship between each other. At LearningRx, our dedicated brain trainers work with the same students multiple times a week and stay with them as they move through the grades, watching them learn and grow each year. When you open a new learning center in your community, you’ll be providing opportunities for those relationships to be built and strengthened every single day.

If you’d like to learn more about our franchising opportunities, or you’d like to see what our brain training programs are all about, please contact us right away. We’d love to hear about your tutoring experience and what you can bring to the LearningRx family, and how you’d like to continue to impact students in your community.

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