Offer an Alternative to Summer School

When you were a child, you may have heard about some of your classmates attending summer school in order to catch up on subjects that they may have fallen behind on during the year. Summer school may have carried some negative connotations, as if it were some form of punishment, but in reality, it was the best way for these students to keep up with their peers.

At LearningRx, we believe in giving every student the opportunity to improve themselves, and as a brain training franchisee, you can be in a position to offer an alternative to summer school. If a student is having trouble with a specific subject, then you can offer them programs that help them improve their skills in that particular area.

Tutoring During the Summer

Our brain training programs are designed for students of all ages, and for those who need tutoring during the summer, a learning center can provide the perfect alternative. The idea of working with a tutor in June or July may not be the most pleasant to a middle schooler or high schooler, especially when their friends are all hanging out by the pool or going on vacation.

However, instead of learning facts and figures that they were meant to learn during the school year, students can work on improving cognitive skills such as focus, memory, and processing speed. They’ll learn to use more of their brains, which can only benefit them in the future. Since they’ll be coming to your LearningRx location, they will be getting out of the house and working one-on-one with a certified brain trainer. This can be much more appealing than having a tutor come to the house a few times a week, which can feel like they’re invading a student’s personal space.

A Positive Environment

When a student thinks of summer school, they likely think about sitting in the same classroom where they just spent the last eight to nine months. They’re usually not too keen on that idea, since the classroom often makes them feel stressed and overwhelmed. By coming to your learning center, they can walk into a positive environment where they are welcomed and appreciated. Their brain trainer can encourage them and provide them with the opportunity for personal development.

It’s also tough being one of just a few students who are attending summer school. The one-on-one environment that you will provide means that they’re not sitting in a classroom with five or six other students whom they may not even know. They get the personal attention of their trainer, and they hopefully won’t feel like they’re simply trying to learn things they should have during the school year.

Learn More Today

If you like the idea of being able to offer an alternative to summer school, then contact us today to see if there’s an opportunity to open a brain training franchise location in your city. We love meeting people who have a passion for helping students better themselves. Instead of dreading summer school or traditional tutoring, students will be excited about improving their cognitive skills!