Offer Brain Training Programs That Go Beyond Games

Most people today are aware of the various brain training “games” that exist online, in books, and on video game consoles. Certain individuals might engage in these games a few times a week to sharpen their memory, increase their reading speed, or compete against friends in timed contests. These games are often designed with a user-friendly interface and pleasing graphics that make them easy to follow and complete. At LearningRx, our brain training programs offer a similar degree of fun, but focus on more of a routine than a sporadic game session┬ácan offer.

Like brain training games, we want our programs to be fun and engaging, and when you open a franchise location, you’ll have access to the formula that helps our programs provide more than traditional tutoring. Some students will lose interest once they feel like they’re only “learning” as they would in a classroom, and that’s why our exercises are designed to engage their brain in new ways. It won’t matter what age the participant is – if it feels like schoolwork, it can quickly lose its excitement. We want our programs to be both challenging and fun, and for students to feel like they’re progressing, or gaining “levels,” such as in a video game!

To learn more about our brain training programs and how you can start your own LearningRx franchise, contact us right away. You’ll attract both those that are interested in brain training games and currently playing them on a weekly basis, as well as those that are new to the idea and want to know more.