Offer Convenient and Accessible Academic Tutoring

When the school year starts, both parents and children have busy schedules, and finding time for academic tutoring can be a challenge. There are after-school programs and traditional tutoring centers that offer beneficial programs, but if students have hobbies or sports that take place after school, or the nearest tutoring center is miles away, it can be difficult to find the time to enroll. At LearningRx, we encourage our franchisees to open convenient and accessible brain training centers that can serve a majority of the population, with hours that work for both parents and children.

As you begin the franchise process, our territory and support teams will work with you on finding the best location for your learning center, and deciding what hours will work best for you. Considering things like when schools let out for the day and what demographics live near your physical location can determine the initial success of your franchise, as well as how impactful you’ll be in the community. By offering brain training programs that can be completed at a convenient time in an accessible location, you’ll have parents that are happy and students that are improving their cognitive skills.

We have brain training franchise locations all across the country, and each one is unique in terms of location and accessibility. If you’re interested in opening your own LearningRx center, please contact us right away, and we’ll explain how you can get started. After every initial factor is determined, we’ll help you move forward in opening your center and changing lives!