Our Brain Training Franchise Programs Help You Change Lives

LearningRx gives you the opportunity to change lives for a living through our local brain training program franchises. LearningRx helps thousands of children and adults every year with our different programs. Years of frustration can be redeemed and years of failure can be prevented with our brain training programs. So, what is brain-based learning? It is the purposeful engagement of strategies that apply to how our brain works in the context of education.

How reputable is brain-based education? Harvard University now has both a master’s and doctoral degrees in this field, known as the “Mind, Brain and Education” program. There’s also a peer-reviewed scientific journal on brain-based education, which features research reports, conceptual papers, reviews, debates and dialogue. The LearningRx franchise programs are actually at the forefront of a new, rapidly growing industry that we believe is the future of educational franchising. Our methodology will be a key in how the world helps people of all ages.

Who benefits from LearningRx programs?

  • Traumatic brain injury victims
    • We can improve weak cognitive skills, difficulty thinking, memory problems, mood swings and frustration, attention difficulties, and loss of speed.
  • Preschoolers
    • Improve your preschooler’s success by ensuring they’re ready to read, increasing their focus and attention, helping them be a fast learner, and giving them a stronger memory.
  • ADHD
    • Improve weak cognitive skills in those that are easily distracted, have poor listening, etc.
  • Struggling Students
  • High School Students
  • Professionals
  • Seniors
  • Autism Spectrum

We look forward to starting this process with you! If you are ready to get started with us, please complete our online Request for Consideration Form. We will then call you to schedule your introductory call. This is a no obligation call that will allow you to have your questions answered and ensure that you can do all the necessary research to begin the Franchise Award Process!