Prepare Kids for an Academically Successful Summer!

When students think of summer vacation, they don’t often think of academics and schoolwork. Instead, they think of going to the local pool or hanging out with their friends. While these are perfectly acceptable activities, it can be important for students who are struggling in school to do some studying over the summer. With only a few weeks left in the semester, now is a great time for students to sign up for brain training at their local LearningRx center.

LearningRx offers an alternative to traditional tutoring, and our brain training programs are a great way for students to have an academically successful summer. By working one-on-one with a trainer over the course of the summer, a student can head into the fall semester feeling more prepared and more confident for what lies ahead. If you’re interested in opening a learning center in your community, then contact us today!

The Last Few Weeks of the Semester

With approximately six or seven weeks left in the semester, students are probably worrying about the end of the school year, but waiting with anticipation for summer break to start. Those who are struggling to keep up can end the semester feeling frustrated, especially once the final grades are given, and this can impact the beginning (or their entire) summer vacation. By starting brain training now, they can be further ahead once the new school year starts in August or September.

Encourage Reading and Studying Over the Summer

Even though summer is a time for fun and relaxation, it can be good for students to read and study, at least a few times each month. If they’re focusing on attention and memory, or perhaps reading comprehension, during their brain training sessions, then it can be beneficial for them to visit the library or research a favorite subject over the summer. Being able to choose their own books and subjects can get kids more interested in reading and studying, instead of having to follow assignments from a teacher or tutor.

Sharing Their Knowledge

The one thing that’s true about every summer vacation is that kids will be spending time with friends and family. They may not want to talk about school or teachers, but they may want to share the knowledge they’ve learned during brain training, or talk about a new book that they read the week before. As a parent or educator, it can be very encouraging to hear kids talking about what they’ve learned or sharing how much progress they’ve made by working with a brain trainer.

As a LearningRx franchisee, you can be uniquely positioned to help students improve their cognitive skills. You can also help them have a successful summer that’s filled with both fun and learning. If there is a lack of academic tutoring programs in your community, why not offer an alternative that has been proven to help students of all ages improve their memory, focus, attention, and more?

We’d love to speak with you about our franchise opportunities. Contact us today!