Reap The Benefits Of Our Brain Training Programs

Training your brain is just as important as keeping physically fit. In fact, studies show that with as little as one hour of brain training per week, you can improve the cognitive functions you use every day. LearningRx is one of the top educational and child franchises in the nation. We change lives every day through the incredible power of our brain training programs and we want you to be apart of this revolution.

With our brain training programs, you’ll experience the following:

  • Improved Analysis: Visual and spatial skills help us understand the world around us. Visual spatial abilities are required to manipulate and solve problems that have visual material or spatial locations. This helps with many tasks, such as map reading, driving a car, or anything using fine motor skills, from running to yoga.
  • Greater Creativity: Flexible thinking lets us see things from different perspectives. This leads to better problem solving, greater adaptability to change, and more creative thinking.
  • Sharper Concentration: By training your mind to focus and pay attention, you can improve your ability to concentrate, multitask and keep track of what you’re doing, despite distractions. When we have lapses in concentration, we miss important information and we can be lured into old ways of doing things when new ways are required.
  • A Better Memory: All of us have experienced the frustrations of not remembering simple tasks, or forgetting pieces of information. Brain training can improve memory and make everyday life tasks easier: from remembering names and telephone numbers, to managing household finances and recalling where you left your keys.