Resolutions to Boost Your Brainpower

At LearningRx, we’ve created brain training programs that are designed to boost a person’s brainpower, no matter if they’re six or 66. We’ve worked with students and people of all ages, and have seen improvements across all age groups. We’re always working to make ourselves better, and one way people try to improve themselves is by making New Year’s Resolutions. It’s well known that a majority of people give up on their resolutions before January is over, but we’ve come up with some things you can do in 2017 to boost your brainpower.


1. Exercise

Movement is always good for the brain, since its job is to tell your muscles and bones what to do. Whether it’s going for a run each morning or renewing that gym membership, exercise is important for good brain health. Your brain and body can become more in sync, and you’ll feel better, which always translates to better focus in the classroom or the office.

2. Get Outside

This resolution can go hand-in-hand with getting more exercise, but spending more time outside can benefit the brain. Your body needs vitamin D, and the sun is an excellent source of this crucial vitamin. Once the weather is nice enough where you are, get outside and read a book in a sunny spot, or spend some time playing with your dog in the local park. Your brain will thank you!


3. Change Your Diet

Losing weight and eating healthy are often very popular resolutions, but many people find it hard to change what they eat and how often they exercise. We’ve written about brain-boosting foods before, and incorporating a few of these into your daily diet can make a difference when it comes to brain health. By properly fueling your body, you’ll have the energy to get through the day, no matter how many assignments or projects you need to complete!


4. Play Video Games

We know, this one might seem contradictory to exercising more and getting outside on a regular basis, but playing video games can enhance your brainpower by helping you solve puzzles, think more spatially, and reach a goal. You can also work on your memory and focus, since you have to pay attention to what’s going on in the game and may have to remember where that last dungeon key is located on a certain level. Video games are also a great way to unwind after a long day of school or work.

If you’re thinking about the new year and what it will look like for you, why not work on improving your brainpower? At LearningRx, we love meeting individuals who want to improve themselves and the lives of those around them, so if you’re interested in brain training programs or opening your own learning center, please contact us today. We will gladly speak with you about our franchise opportunities and how you can make 2017 one of your most successful years ever. Contact us today to get started!