Scheduling College Visits for the Spring

With winter break just around the corner, high school seniors across the country will be thinking about their last semester of high school in the spring. They’ll also be thinking about college next fall, if that is their plan for the future. At LearningRx, we love seeing students move on to the next level of education, and seeing how they succeed at a higher level. Our brain training programs are designed for students of all ages, and for high school seniors who are preparing for college, it can be very beneficial for them to go through a program.

The first step, however, in going to college, is to schedule visits to schools that a student wants to attend. This often includes the student, their parents, and their high school guidance counselor. The counselor can advise the student on which schools they think are best, as well as what types of scholarships are available and for which the student is eligible. As a brain training franchisee, you can help a student feel more confident and more prepared for what lies ahead in higher education.

Stay Close to Home or Head Out of State?

One of the first decisions a high school senior makes, when it comes to college, is whether they want to stay close to home or head out of state to go to school. Being close to home can mean that they will see family and friends more often, but they might feel like they’re not able to be truly independent. Living at home is also an option, if there are limited housing choices at the college or university, or if money is an issue.

Heading out of state can give a student a fresh start, since they likely won’t know the city or anyone who lives there. They’ll be able to focus on their academics, instead of worrying about the distractions of home. Going out of state may also be an option when it comes to attending their first choice, especially if that college offers the major that they want to study.

Preparing for College Courses

As high school graduation nears, seniors will begin to think about which college courses they’ll take their first year. Once they’ve chosen a school, they can take a look at the course catalog to see which classes they want to take, and which ones will be required for their field of study (if they’ve chosen a track). A student may have taken advanced placement classes in high school, and some may already have some college credit in some general education requirements.

For those who are worried about their first college class, brain training can be a big help. With a structured curriculum that is designed to improve cognitive skills such as focus and memory, a student can work on their learning process, how they retain information, and how they use their brain during class assignments and tests. If the thought of college is overwhelming for a student, then enrolling in a LearningRx course can be the way to go.

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