Strengthen a Student’s Logic and Reasoning Skills

Traditional academic tutoring often focuses on helping a student retain information, either to complete an assignment or to prepare for a test. As a LearningRx franchisee, you’ll be able to offer students more than traditional tutoring, and through our brain training programs, they’ll strengthen their memory, attention, and logic and reasoning skills, among others. You’ll be preparing them for a lifetime of success, not just on a particular test or in the classroom, but in whatever they do in the future.

Logic and reasoning is a very important cognitive skill, and by strengthening these skills, students will be able to form concepts and solve problems using unfamiliar information and novel procedures. If a student struggles with word problems or has difficulty grasping abstract ideas, logic and reasoning could be the area they need to focus on the most. If a student ever says, “What do I do first?,” or, “I don’t understand this,” our LearningRx programs are ideal for them. They’ll soon learn to analyze the relationship between conditions and draw conclusions through deductive reasoning and logical problem solving.

Through LearningRx, you’ll see students grow and learn in amazing ways. You’ll see vast improvements, even in a short amount of time. If you’re interested in opening a franchise location in your community and providing exceptional brain training programs for students that will truly benefit, please contact us right away. We’ll explain our franchisee process, and how you can get started. Before long, you’ll have students from all over coming to your location!