Strengthen Your Community’s Brainpower

Most tutoring franchises will focus on academic learning and can help students succeed at a certain subject or learn how to focus better at school. While this can be effective, the LearningRx team believes in helping people strengthen their brainpower and improve cognitive function. Our brain training programs and franchise opportunities give you the ability to establish a location in your city and strengthen your community’s brainpower, improving not only academic achievement, but helping people think and learn in better and more productive ways.

One of our primary programs is ThinkRx, which is an intense system of drills and exercises that are performed in a one-on-one setting to improve cognitive learning skills. The facilitator will take an assessment of the student’s current cognitive abilities, and ThinkRx will help develop the abilities that are perhaps weaker or less developed. By not tying the program to an academic curriculum, we can help avoid the frustrations normally associated with classroom learning, and make cognitive improvement a positive¬†experience. The exercises build upon one another, helping the student move forward in a logical manner, understanding how their brain is working and how they can make it work better.

If you’re interested in our brain train programs and want to know how you can open a franchise in your community, please feel free to contact us today. We love meeting new people that have a passion for improving brainpower, and want to know how they can help students access more of their brain and improve their cognitive abilities.