Students Who May Need a Brain Boost Over the Summer

While very few kids get excited about the idea of summer school, there are those who are looking for ways to keep their brains engaged during their summer break. At LearningRx, our brain training programs are designed to help students improve cognitive skills in areas they tend to struggle, such as attention or memory.

Students don’t necessarily want to go to a tutor over the summer, but they do want to challenge themselves to become better learners. By opening a brain training franchise, you can be in the unique position to help students of all ages throughout the entire year. Contact us today to learn more!

Students Who Will Be Attending New Schools

Summer is often the most popular time for families to move, and for kids, a new city means a new school come fall. This can be intimidating for many students, as they don’t know anyone who will be in their class, and they won’t know their teacher until the first day of class. Some schools will have new student orientation before the semester starts, but this can do little to assuage a young person’s fears.

One way to bolster a student’s confidence is through one-on-one cognitive training. A child may have left their previous school with good grades, but if they’re entering a school that has more students or a more competitive atmosphere, then they may want to boost their brain power before classes begin.

Students Who Will Be Repeating a Grade

With the end of each school year, there are those students who are preparing to move on to the next grade or the next level of education. Unfortunately, there are also students who will have to repeat a grade. They may have not been able to attend school for a good part of the year due to personal issues, or they may have struggled to keep up with their classmates because of a lack of focus or discipline. Whatever the case may be, it can be very discouraging for a student to learn that they have to repeat a grade.

The idea of a brain boost can appeal to this group of students because it can help them see that they are capable of achieving success in the classroom. By focusing on those areas where they need the most work, whether it’s a certain subject or a certain part of their cognitive abilities, brain training can help them improve in the right ways and give them the confidence they need to take on the upcoming school year.

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