Summer is the Perfect Time to Open an Education Franchise

Now that June is here, schools at all levels have most likely released for the summer. With another school year in the books, many students are looking forward to some time off from studies, but some may be preparing for summer school or tutoring to help them prepare or catch up before the next semester starts in the fall. At LearningRx, we believe in a different kind of tutoring and our brain training programs have created an ideal educational franchise that helps students learn and problem-solve more powerfully.

By focusing on cognitive skill improvement, our brain training does more than just help a student better understand a certain subject or a set curriculum. A student may have trouble in the classroom because they don’t know how to access a certain part of their brain when they need it, such as problem-solving during math or processing speed during writing. As a franchise owner, you can give students access to powerful programs that teach them how to unlock and access more brainpower. By improving cognitive skill efficiency, students will be able to process things more quickly, instead of just retaining knowledge for a test.

If you’re interested in our education franchise opportunities, please contact us today. Summer is the perfect time to open a LearningRx location in your town, as parents and students search for a way to improve not only learning ability, but to unlock brainpower. We would love to speak to you about getting you started with your own franchise, and will provide all the support you need to begin.