Summer Reading Plans

As kids around the country get ready for the end of school, their minds are turning to summer vacation and everything they’re going to do over the break. For some, that might include reading a new book, or revisiting some of their favorites. For others, reading might be the last thing on their mind, but picking up a fun book at least once during the summer can help keep their brains engaged and provide them with a positive learning experience (even if they don’t realize it). At LearningRx, we want students to discover new things all year long, not just during the school year, and as a brain training franchisee, you can provide them with the encouragement to improve their reading skills.

Make a List of Books

If a student has books they’ve always wanted to read, but didn’t have or take the time to do so during the school year, summer can provide them with the free time to get through a few, if not all, of them. If they came to your brain training center to improve their reading comprehension, they may be ready to read books that are at or above their current level, and throwing in a few longer pieces of literature can be a great way to challenge them. Making a list of the books they want to read can give them a goal to strive for during the summer break.

Make a List of Where They Can Read

During the school year, students are stuck reading in the classroom or in their room when they’re at home. Time constraints and weather can dictate where and when they read, but during the summer, they can take their favorite books outside, perhaps to the park, the beach, or to their new treehouse. Having them make a list of where they can read can inspire them to finish more books over the summer, and tales that take place in a warm setting can enhance their break even more.

Reading While Traveling

Chances are that students will be traveling over the summer, whether it’s a few hours in the car to grandma’s house or a few hours in a plane to their favorite amusement park. While they can play on their phone, tablet, or handheld video game, books provide a great alternative to all that electronic entertainment. Going to the library and picking out two or three books for vacation can give them something to do while they travel, even if it’s just for a short time while their devices charge their batteries.

Reading over the summer is a great way to keep kids learning and their brains engaged while school is not in session. They’re most likely continuing to come for brain training with their LearningRx instructor, and the instructor can check in with them on what they’re read and the new things they’ve learned.

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