Supplement Normal Schooling with LearningRx

We have all dealt with children that have come home from school and “learned nothing.” Many parents are frustrated by low test scores, bad homework grades, and low levels of comprehension that their child has displayed during school. Whether this is due to the child’s inability to understand core concepts or it is the fault of sub-par teaching, these children need help! While many parents send their children to a private tutor, they may need more help than that. Also, there are many locations within the US that have limited access to qualified tutors or other after school educational facilities. LearningRx can change this pattern!

LearningRx is so much more than a tutoring facility. This is an education franchise that focuses on improving a child’s brain! We are trying to help children excel in school by improving the neural pathways in their brain. The more connections that are made, the better off these children will be in the end! Parts of the brain may be underutilized which can cause learning difficulties, by stimulating these locations with advanced games, skills, and tasks, children (and adults) are finding that learning and comprehension become much easier.

Unfortunately there are under-served areas in the nation. This includes after school programs and other educational facilities. LearningRx is offering their education franchise for purchase across the country. Now concerned parties can create the best learning environment for children. While LearningRx will not take the place of regular schooling it will sure do wonders as a supplemental program! Stop in, learn more, and begin to help the under-served children within your area!