Sustained Attention Can Be Improved

We spoke last time about a student’s selective attention, and how a busy classroom can often distract them from the task at hand. Another type of attention is sustained attention, which is what a person uses when they have a project that will take longer to complete, or a task that requires multiple steps to finish. In the classroom, a teacher may assign a reading section or essay that will take a student a long time to do, and if their sustained attention is one of their weaker cognitive skills, they can have trouble staying focused. With LearningRx’s brain training programs through your franchise location, you can help students improve their sustained attention.

There are indicators that sustained attention is an area of need for a student. Some of those indicators are many unfinished projects or tasks, or the frequent jumping between tasks and assignments. If a student can start a project and stick with it for a while, but then wants to put it aside once it becomes difficult, or they feel that something else is more appealing, sustained attention may be the first area that needs to be improved. Every child that visits your LearningRx location will complete a cognitive skills assessment and if these indicators show as results, you’ll be able to inform their parents where the brain training programs need to begin.

We want every student that visits your franchise to come away with improved cognitive skills. If sustained attention is a struggle for them, we can help them improve that skill and stay on task, no matter how long it takes them. Contact us today for more information.