Teach Learning Skills, Not Material

Students that struggle in class may try to focus more on the material or learning the facts before the next test date arrives. While the memorization of names and dates might help them on a history test, it doesn’t take care of the underlying issue. At LearningRx centers around the country, our team members focus on teaching better cognitive skills, instead of just covering the same material again and again. Students can easily become bored or frustrated when a teacher repeats the same thing over and over, and that’s why we take a different approach through our brain training programs.

As a LearningRx franchisee, you’ll be able to provide students with the opportunity to increase their processing speed and their confidence. If a student that has trouble reading is able to start understanding more complex words and complete sentences, their self-esteem will be bolstered and their determination will increase. They’ll participate more in class and as a result, see improved grades. A brain training program could be the boost they need to discover their true potential.

If you’ve heard countless parents talk about how, “If only my child understood the material,” then please contact us right away. We’ll get the franchise process started for you and before long, you’ll have a LearningRx center open in your community. Students will become improving their cognitive skills, instead of just trying to remember names and dates. We want to help children learn better, not just retain enough information to pass a test. Let us know if you share that belief!