The Last Few Weeks of School

Now that May is here, students across the country are looking forward to the last few weeks of school and the end of the current semester. Whether they’re finishing first grade or getting closer to college graduation, students are working hard to complete assignments, projects, and final exams. At LearningRx, we understand that there can be a commitment to finishing strong during the last few weeks of school, but also that a lack of focus can set it for some students. They may have struggled all year long to keep up with their classmates, or they may be graduating and have already finished all of their required coursework. Whatever the case may be, brain training can be a great way to keep them engaged during these last few weeks, and carry over into the summer months.

Reaching Students of All Ages

As a LearningRx franchisee, you’ll be able to reach students of all ages during this time of the year when the “school” brain is gradually turning into “summer” brain. The younger students may not completely understand what the end of the year means, but those in middle or high school most likely cannot wait for the semester to end. There may be those who have to attend some summer school classes, and brain training can help them maintain focus and memory during those sessions. They may not be the most thrilled to have to go to school in July or August, but it could help them catch up with their classmates or complete a subject they weren’t able to during the school year.

Keeping the Brain Engaged

During the summer (and the last few weeks of the semester) a student’s brain can switch to vacation mode, and their end-of-the-year test and assignment grades may suffer. They might be thinking about their first day at the local pool, or where their family is going for their annual trip, but whatever the case may be, brain training can help them pay attention during those final days of the semester. Once summer starts, they’re most likely not thinking about what books they’re going to read or subjects they’re going to study, and brain training can keep them engaged even though they’re not in a classroom. The fun curriculum and one-on-one interaction that LearningRx offers can help it not feel like a standard “classroom experience.”

Flexible Scheduling

When you open a LearningRx center in your community, you can offer convenient and flexible hours during the summer. A middle or high school student isn’t going to want to get up early, and may have plans for the afternoon, so a mid-morning brain training time is going to be best for them. You’ll of course speak with their parents on the best time to schedule their sessions, but it’s important to have input from the child as well.

If you’re interested in learning more about our brain training franchise opportunities, and you want to engage with students during the last few weeks of school and over the summer, contact us today. We look forward to speaking with you!

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