We’re Debunking Brain Training Myths

Here at The LearningRx, the one and only brain training franchise, we’re here to help you fulfill your potential. We hear a lot of myths surrounding brain training and we’re here to debunk some of the biggest ones.

  • Genes determine the fate of your brain. Actually, due to lifelong brain plasticity, our lifestyles and behaviors play a huge role in how our brains (and minds!) physically evolve over time.
  • You are what you eat. While this does hold some truth, as we get a lot of vitamins and nutrients from our food that helps our brain, we are also what we do, think, and feel a lot more than what we eat.
  • The only hope for cognitive health and enhancement is medication. This is simply not true as non-invasive interventions and brain training programs have comparable and more durable advantages with no side effects!
  • There’s nothing you can do to beat Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline. While nothing has been shown to prevent the pathology of Alzheimer ’s disease, there is abundant research showing we can delay the onset of symptoms for years –a very meaningful outcome which is often overlooked.
  • You only have one brain and you either use it or lose it. Actually, your brain is composed of a number of neural cir­cuits sup­port­ing a vari­ety of cog­ni­tive, emo­tional, and exec­u­tive func­tions. Using or exer­cis­ing just one (like “mem­ory”) is unlikely to be of much help.

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