We’re More Than Just a Tutoring Franchise

At LearningRx, our brain training programs are designed to help people of all ages unlock further cognitive potential, and our franchise opportunities are intended to provide more than just a tutoring franchise for a town or city. By focusing on the seven cognitive skills – Attention, Working Memory, Executive Function, Logic and Reasoning, Visual Processing, Auditory Processing, and Long Term Memory – we can help people do more than just retain information; we can help them be better learners and possess stronger brainpower.

We’ve found that when setting up a new franchise, it’s best to look at cities with a population of 150,000 or above. This provides you, the franchisee, with the market that you need and the potential for growth once you begin to attract students. With a population of 150,000 and above, the potential for school-aged and college-aged learners increases, and you’ll be able to focus on signing them up for brain training curriculum. You’ll of course receive the full support of LearningRx in marketing and expanding your franchise’s influence. We’ll also make sure that there isn’t another one of our franchises in close proximity to you, so you’re not encroaching on an already-established territory.

When we began LearningRx, we knew that the growth potential was limitless. Brain training and cognitive learning is an ever-expanding industry, and we set out to be more than just a tutoring franchise – we want to help people unlock amazing learning potential. When you set up a franchise in your area, you’ll see people do amazing things, and you’ll have the opportunity to learn some things yourself.