What Are the Schools Like in Your City?

At LearningRx, we want every student in every classroom to succeed. We know that not all schools are the same, and our learning center franchisees around the country have worked with students of varying ages and ability levels. If you’re interested in opening an education franchise in your city so that you can offer brain training programs, then it’s good to know what the schools in your city are like.

If you have children who attend a local school, then you may have some idea what the education system is like in your town or city. However, if you’re not associated at all with the local schools, then how do you measure them? In this post, we’ll cover some ways in which you can assess your local learning institutions.

Look at Test Scores

Every school in your area should have test scores available to review. At certain grades, such as 4th and 8th grade, students should be taking tests that measure their knowledge of certain subject matter. The average of those scores should be available to the public, and you can see how your local schools did on the latest tests.

For older students, such as high school juniors and seniors, you can review ACT and SAT scores. Since these students are applying to colleges and universities, you can see how prepared they are for higher education. It’s good to take a look at a wide variety of schools, including public schools, charter schools, and private institutions.

It’s good to keep in mind that while looking at average test scores, not every score will be indicative of the school’s overall performance. Not all students are strong test-takers, even though they know the information that was present on the exam. When it comes to brain training, we want to help students unlock more of their cognitive potential, not just become better at taking tests and quizzes.

Talk With Teachers and Administrators

If you’re interested in opening a LearningRx center in your community, then it’s a good idea to talk with teachers and administrators. The teachers are in their classrooms every single day, working with students of varying ability levels. They know which students are struggling and which ones are excelling. They can see which subjects present the most challenges, and where students tend to get tripped up the most.

As for administrators, they often have the “bigger picture” of their schools. They know the issues that come up the most often, and they hear from the teachers where resources are needed and which classrooms need the most help. They’re also responsible for holding the teachers accountable and making sure they’re doing their very best.

By talking with and building relationships with teachers and administrators, you can gain a better understanding of the schools in your area. You can decide where your education franchise will be located and have a better idea what type and what age of students may be visiting your for brain training.

Talk With Parents

Parents with school-age children are usually more than willing to talk about the schools their kids attend. They’re ready to share what’s wrong with the school, as well as what’s going right. They have opinions on teachers, administrators, facilities, and more, and it’s always good to take those opinions with a grain of salt. However, there is usually some truth to be found in a parent’s opinion, since they want what’s best for their child. If they feel that a school is lacking in certain areas, then you can use that as an opportunity to help students achieve greater success both inside and outside the classroom.

When it comes to helping students through brain training, it’s good to have an idea of what the schools in your area are like. No matter how well students do on tests, or what the latest national assessment said about the local schools, there’s always an opportunity to help individual students unlock more brain power.

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