What Are Your Plans for the New Year?

December is here again, and for students around the country, it means that the holiday break isn’t too far away. It can also means tests and final exams, but once those are out of the way, students can focus on refreshing and recharging before coming back for the next semester. At LearningRx, we love meeting people who are passionate about working with students of all ages, and helping those students improve their cognitive power through our brain training programs. With schools about ready to let out for the semester, we wondered, what are your plans for the New Year?

Starting a New Job

Many people spend the holidays with friends and family, but they may also be looking for a new job. They might have seasonal work, but once that ends, they’ll be searching for another source of income. If you’re someone who’s ready to launch a new career, our education franchise opportunities could be the perfect option. We’ve had teachers, administrators, CEOs, and people from all backgrounds start their own learning center, and our franchise model is designed to help anyone succeed, should they find that brain training is the right path for them.

Moving to a New City

The end of the year can also be a great time to relocate, whether for a job or for a simple change of scenery. You may be tired of spending the holidays in a cold and snowy locale, and you want to move a sunny and warm climate. With centers all across the country, we’re always looking for those who want to open a LearningRx location in a new place. The city or town you’re moving to may have a large high school or college student population, and there could be a great opportunity to reach those students and help them achieve greater success both inside and outside the classroom. Our programs are designed to help people of all ages improve their cognitive skills, so even if there isn’t a plethora of school-aged students, you could still find those who are interested in visiting your learning center.

New Year’s Resolutions

Nearly everyone makes New Year’s resolutions, and even if you’re not starting a new job or moving to a new city, you can set goals that you want to achieve in 2018. You might want to be more active and involved in the community. You may want to earn a second income so that you can save for that dream vacation you’ve always wanted to take. Whatever the case may be, a brain training franchise could be the key to reaching those goals. You may be surprised that what starts out as looking for “another job” actually turns into a rewarding and enriching experience that you want to stick with for the foreseeable future. You’ll be more involved in the community, and you’ll be able to earn more so that you can save for those things you’ve been thinking about for several years. What’s more, you’ll be able to have an impact on students’ lives and see their confidence soar as they unlock more brainpower and more potential.

If you’re making your plans for the New Year this month, take a moment to look at LearningRx and our franchise opportunities. We’re always excited to meet people who have an interest in working with students, and we’ll gladly provide you with the information you need to make the best decision for your future. A New Year can bring new things, and we’d love to be a part of your 2018!

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