What Does the New Year Have in Store for You?

Even though 2019 is now a couple of weeks old, there’s still plenty of time to make goals and resolutions. If you’re an educator, then those goals may reflect your intentions for your classroom or whatever learning environment you’re involved in. At LearningRx, our brain training programs are designed to help students unlock greater cognitive potential, and we love meeting people who have a passion for helping students. If you’re wondering what the New Year has in store for you, then why not think about starting a brain training center in your town or city?

Reaching More Students

As a teacher, you want to impact the students in your classroom, as well as the ones you work with one-on-one during tutoring sessions. Our education curriculum can offer more than traditional tutoring does, since the focus is on helping the student use more of their brain, rather than recall facts and figures while trying to prepare for a test. As a LearningRx franchisee, you’ll be able to reach more students and work with them one-on-one, aiding them as they improve processing speed, memory, and other important cognitive skills.

Our team can help you decide where to open your learning center so that you have the opportunity to reach the greatest amount of students. If you’re already involved in your city’s educational system, then you likely already have the connections needed to generate interest in your brain training franchise. Even if you don’t have the connections, we can help you build a strategy that will push you towards making the ones you need.

Upcoming Events

At LearningRx, we’re always hosting events for those who are interested in discovering more about brain training and how they can open their own center. Our list of 2019 Events has something for everyone, and you can sign up for a webinar to find out if our franchise model is the right fit for you. We’ll also be hosting our annual LearningRx conventions in July. These are open to clinical licensees and franchisees only, but since it’s only January, you still have plenty of time to sign up and become a franchisee before July!

Our events take place from January to December, so if you can’t make one earlier in the year, don’t worry. There are plenty of opportunities to sign up for a webinar or a training session. If you have questions on top of what is provided during these events, then we’ll be more than happy to help!

If you’re excited about what The New Year has in store for you in terms of a new career path, then please contact us today. We’d love to speak with you about franchise opportunities and how you can bring brain training to students of all ages in your community. We’ll provide you with all the information you need to make the best decision for your future, and we’ll be there to support you as you make the transition into becoming a franchisee.

We look forward to hearing from you!