What Happens to Our Brains As We Age?

The human brain continues to develop until approximately the age of 25, and scientists are always striving to understand more about the brain and what happens to it as we get older. At LearningRx, our programs are designed to help people of all ages improve their cognitive skills, and we’re always interested to see how different people of different ages can boost their brainpower. There are things that happen in the brain as we get older, and in this blog, we’ll look at some of those changes.

Attention and Memory

As we get older, we may notice that we have a harder time paying attention for longer periods of time and recalling certain things from memory. Medical conditions and changes in the body can have an effect on attention and memory, but that doesn’t mean older people can’t maintain strong cognitive functions. With brain training programs, people can keep their synapses strong and those neural connections healthy. It is possible for older adults to learn new things, improve language skills, and retain strong memory functions.

Mild Cognitive Impairment

There have been instances in older adults where they begin losing things or forget about scheduled events such as doctor’s appointments. While some think this is an early sign of Alzheimer’s disease, it may instead be what’s called a mild cognitive impairment (MCI). There are two types of MCI – amnestic and nonamnestic. Amnestic MCI involves memory loss, while nonamnestic affects thinking skills that are involved with planning or judgment. A MCI can be brought about by certain medications that are prescribed to older people, as well as cardiovascular problems that affect blood flow to the brain. It is possible for those with an MCI to develop Alzheimer’s, but each situation is unique.

Staying Sharp

Many people worry that as they get older, they will lose certain cognitive skills or have trouble remembering things. Some resign themselves to the fact that there’s nothing they can do about decreased cognitive function, but at LearningRx, we’ve seen just the opposite. By engaging the brain in new activities and new methods of learning, you could give it the boost it needs to stay sharp for many more years. There is a concept that is known as “cognitive reserve,” and basically, it refers to the ability for certain people to be more resilient to changes in cognitive function that come with age.

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