What is Effective Brain Training?

If you’ve spent any time at all on the internet, then you’ve likely seen many different types of brain training programs and games. You may have even tried a few of them to see how you stack up against other people. At LearningRx, we fully support people who want to improve their brain power, but it’s important to use methods that are proven to be effective. At our educational franchises throughout the country, brain trainers work with people of all ages to improve their cognitive skills, whether that means attention, working memory, or logic and reasoning.

What Makes Our Brain Training Programs Effective?

If you’re comparing cognitive programs and games, it’s important to consider the methods they use and whether or not those methods are effective. For LearningRx, we break down effectiveness into seven parts:

1. Brain Training Must Be Practiced

As with any skill, brain training must be practiced. If you’re learning to play an instrument or you want to become great at a particular sport, it’s important to practice. The same principle applies to brain power – if you want to increase it, you have to work at it.

2. The Best Results Come with One-on-One Training

Group tutoring can have its benefits, but the best results often come with one-on-one training. When you want to get fit or build muscle, you may work with a personal trainer who creates a unique plan for your needs. The same is true of our programs – the one-on-one brain trainer works with a student individually in order to build the best plan.

3. Brain Training Should Be Intense

You don’t get good at something overnight, and only with intense, concentrated repetition can you hope to improve. In order to improve cognitive skills, our trainers actively work with students to keep pushing and keep improving.

4. Brain Training Must Be Targeted

Once a weak cognitive skill has been identified, the training should be targeted to improve that skill. A general approach may help in certain areas, but only a focused plan can help a student boost their brain power in a specific way.

5. Effective Brain Training Has a Particular Order

At LearningRx, we’ve developed a curriculum that makes sense. A student shouldn’t be overwhelmed the first time they work with their trainer, and the right steps in the right order can keep them moving forward while still providing them with a challenge.

6. Brain Training Should Be Progressively Loaded

As a student improves, their training exercises should provide opportunities for multi-tasking. This creates the opportunity to take a new skill and make it more automatic, since their brain will know what to do when a challenge presents itself.

7. Brain Training Requires Immediate Feedback

With online brain games and training, a person doesn’t always get immediate or accurate feedback. With a trainer, a student receives instant feedback and reinforcement, as well as comments on how they can adjust for future challenges.

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