What’s on Your Summer Reading List?

At LearningRx, we know how important it is for students to read, and not just during the school year when they have assigned books and other reading material. Our brain training programs are designed to help people of all ages become better learners, and reading is often an area where people tend to struggle. Whether it’s speed or comprehension, children and adults can feel like they’re lagging behind those around them when it comes to reading. In this post, we’ll look at some things that you might have on your summer reading list.

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Historical Nonfiction

If you’re a history buff, then your favorite genre might be historical nonfiction. You love reading about battles and conquests, and you may stick to one particular era of history, such as the American Revolution or the Civil War.

Historical nonfiction is often filled with dates and names, but if you have trouble remembering that information, you might feel like you have to read things over and over again. By training your brain to memorize things differently, you won’t have to read the same paragraph three times just to remember a general’s name or the date of an important battle.

Fantasy Fiction

There are all types of fantasy fiction books out there, ranging from tales of sword and sorcery to urban stories that take place in an alternate reality. Kids are often big fans of these books, but adults can love them too. These stories can seem like escapism at first, but they often provide glimpses into real life, and the reader often begins to care deeply about the characters.

Fantasy books can also open up students to new words to add to their vocabulary. Expanding one’s vocabulary can make you a better reader, since you’ll know the meaning of certain terms and won’t have to keep a dictionary handy every time you sit down to read.

News of the World

Perhaps your daily reading consists of picking up the morning newspaper or visiting various news sites throughout the day. You want to keep up with recent events, whether that consists of politics, world culture, or the arts. You want to be an informed reader, and you’re interested in both the facts of the story and what the people who were impacted have to say.

Reading national and world news updates can help you feel like you’re keeping up with what’s happening, and it can also help you feel more confident when you’re having a conversation with someone. Those who struggle with reading may skip the newspaper or media sites, for fear of not understanding everything that’s going on in the world. By boosting your brainpower with LearningRx, you can breeze through your reading and feel like you have something to offer the next time you have coffee with a friend or coworker.

At LearningRx, we’re dedicated to helping students of all ages become better readers. It doesn’t matter if someone is in first grade or starting their first year of college, reading struggles can be a real challenge. If you’re interested in helping people improve cognitive skills such as processing speed and memory, which can help greatly when it comes to reading, then fill out the form below or give us a call today. A member of our team will talk with you about what it takes to start your own brain training center, and they’ll gladly answer any questions you may have.

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