1. LearningRx Raleigh, NC Review: “No longer frustrated day-to-day”

    Reviewed by: Betsy F. We've always known that our son was bright, but he was frustrated in third grade with executive functioning activities like bringing homework home, organizing the structure of his day's activities, etc. He also had a hard time with timed math tests even though he knew all of his multiplication tables forwards and backwards. Through the assessments, we found that his deficits …Read More

  2. LearningRx Reston, VA Review: “not just brain games, a workout!”

    Reviewed by: Alex F. I am really impressed by LearningRx! I took an evaluation exam and was surprised by the results, but the areas they found that I was weaker in and should work on really were weaknesses that I didn't realize I'd been compensating for. The staff are very knowledgeable and the scientific data from their randomized controlled trials support their methods and their successes. This …Read More

  3. LearningRx Centennial, CO Review: “the gift of a lifetime”

    Reviewed by: Amy I first looked up LearningRx online because I was noticing my daughter inverting a lot of numbers when she read math problems out loud. As we pursued testing, so many other frustrating events in school began to make more sense. It was incredible to see on paper, through the initial assessment, so many clear reasons Makayla struggled with certain types of math problems and with sev…Read More

  4. LearningRx Vadnais Heights, MN Review: “this program is wonderful”

    Reviewed by: Tara B. I think this program is wonderful for anyone trying to advance their reading, math skills and over all confidence with learning. It's a fun way to learn how to use your brain in different ways. There is no one right way to learn however I feel these programs make learning a lot more fun.…Read More

  5. LearningRx Nashville, TN Review: “I saw a change in my child”

    Reviewed by: B.S. The change I saw in my child. He went from unwilling to read a book he was capable of ( approx. a year below grade level) to reading middle school Percy Jackson books voluntarily. His attitude has improved, his ability to independently and at a reasonable speed complete assignments and homework is great! Previously his handwriting was often illegible to all but teachers and his h…Read More

  6. LearningRx Review: “over time we noticed progress”

    Reviewed by: J. V. Our son has been a wonderful boy! He has excelled at school, in music and in theater! However, as the 6th grade school year started, he struggled immensely with the complexity of 6th grade. We had previously identified some issues with his ability to organize & manage time. We noticed his confidence declining & grades began to suffer. His academic success was beginning t…Read More