Considering Franchising? Ask yourself these questions

1. Does it have spectacular growth potential?

The term “blue ocean possibilities” has been used to describe the explosive growth and expanding markets of brain training—and LearningRx is a leader in this new emerging niche. Some franchise leaders have tagged award-winning LearningRx as “The Next Great Franchise System.”

2. Does it have products and services that you can be proud of?

For almost 30 years, and with the help of tens of thousands of students, LearningRx’s founders improved the programs to become #1 in results. Our unique proprietary products and programs get huge unmatched results for our over 95,000 clients! Skeptics can download our latest training results documenting the unparalleled gains experienced by over 18,000 LearningRx students. If you’re data-oriented, this special report will help you understand the power of LearningRx training. 2016 Client Outcomes and Research Results Report

3. Does it stir my passions?

“Life changing” is often used to describe LearningRx, as the result of unlocking someone’s potential. If purpose, meaning, helping others and making a difference are important to you, then LearningRx might be the right business for you to continue to explore. Click here to read some “life changing” stories.

4. Can I count on great support?

The same devotion dedicated to our programs is displayed in our commitment to developing a franchise system. LearningRx’s franchisee satisfaction (NPS) rating is one of the highest among franchise systems. 80% of our executive team members have Certified Franchise Executives credentials (78%). The average franchisor has less than 5%.That commitment earned us a “Top 50” spot in the Franchisee Business Review satisfaction rating.

5. Am I confident in the ethics and values of the company?

LearningRx’s Home Office and Support Team seek to live out its convictions daily as believers in Jesus Christ. Though we attend different churches, we live and strive to do business with Christian values. Not all our franchisees share our same Christian beliefs, and we respect this, but we do expect each to value, operate, and treat others as they would like to be treated with integrity, honesty, and compassion.

6. Will I have all the information I need to make a knowledgeable decision?

Franchisee candidates get to hear not only all of our strengths, but also our weaknesses. We’ll also provide you with the most detailed financial disclosure (earnings claim) in franchising.

7. How much can I make?

You will find that LearningRx provides the most detailed earnings claim than any other franchise. We provide our earnings information in both our Franchise Info Kit and our Franchise Disclosure Document. To get started in learning about “How much you can make?” Click hereFREE INFO KIT