What type of territory does LearningRx provide?

Most of our LearningRx territories located in highly populated cities will have a territory with a population around 200,000. We also offer territories to cities with less than 100,000 with a discounted franchise fee.

Why do you have franchise territories?

Franchise territories provide protection to the franchise owner to market, grow, and provide services within close proximity of their center location. The territory is designed to create a “buffer zone” between your LearningRx center location and other LearningRx centers in the region. It also encourages franchisees to work together in the community, rather than competing with each other.

What demographics do you consider when creating a territory?

When creating territories, we look at:

  • Median household income
  • Population
  • Population density
  • Percent of student-aged population
  • Drive times
  • Zip code boundaries

When will I be able to see what territories are available in my area?

During your Introduction Call, we will briefly look at your area of interest to ensure that territory is available. As you continue through our award process, we will send you potential territories with demographic data. Territories are solidified once the center location is approved and the territory is agreed upon by both the franchisee and our development team.

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If you are interested in learning more about territories available in your area, click the Territory Check Button to submit a request to learn more about available territories. We look forward to sharing more information with you about LearningRx and our site selection assistance!