LearningRx Centennial, CO Review: “the gift of a lifetime”

Reviewed by: Amy

I first looked up LearningRx online because I was noticing my daughter inverting a lot of numbers when she read math problems out loud. As we pursued testing, so many other frustrating events in school began to make more sense. It was incredible to see on paper, through the initial assessment, so many clear reasons Makayla struggled with certain types of math problems and with several auditory directions. Her 5th grade teacher was primarily an auditory teacher and we were having lots of issues with communications and rules and assignment instructions. Six months later, Makayla still has weaknesses and strengths that she had before, but none of her weaknesses feel handicapping. She’s able to come up with creative strategies to hkeep and see her way through challenges rather than feel lost in them. She feels it’s helped her reading skills, listneing skills, memory and how well she can follow along at basketball practice. Her confidence that she can grow in her weaknesses is probably the greatest gift of a lifetime.